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Organizing information



Ted Nelson

Software for organizing information


  • Foam. A Roam Research clone as a Visual Studio Code extension.
  • Roam. “As powerful as a graph database.” SaaS.
  • Org-mode. “Rudimentary Roam replica with Org-mode.”



  • Boorus. Oriented towards media, not text. There are many. Every booru I have seen identifies files by their checksum, usually MD5. It may be better instead to identify them by a perceptual hash.
  • Hydrus. A cross-platform desktop booru with optional server-based collaboration. Stores tags in a database.
  • Tabbles. A desktop and Web-based document manager with optional server-based collaboration. Windows-only. Allows chat-like comments on files. Stores tags in a database. Proprietary.
  • TagSpaces. A cross-platform desktop document manager. Stores tags in filenames or sidecar files.
  • TMSU. A cross-platform command line tool for tagging files. Can expose a virtual filesystem for accessing files by tag. Stores tags in a database.
  • AlternativeTo: Apps tagged with 'tag-based-file-management'

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