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Page Name:Self-hosted PaaS
Date: 2020-06-10 14:03:33
Original User: dbohdan
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Self-hosted PaaS

Aka "Heroku clones". I focus on the smaller and simpler projects; no k8s here.

  • CapRover. A multi-server scaling PaaS. It is written in TypeScript abd powered by Docker. You manage it through a Web UI.
  • Dokku. A self-hosted single-server Heroku clone. Written in Bash and powered by Docker. You manage it through a command line interface on the server.
    • Wharf. A web UI for Dokku.
  • Piku. A single-server self-hosted PaaS. Piku is smaller than Dokku and does not use Docker. It runs on low-end devices. It is written primarily in Python. You manage it through a CLI client on your deployment machine.

Tags: deployment, programming, sysadmin