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Date: 2020-06-11 13:38:48
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Self-hosted PaaS

A comparison table of platform-as-a-service or “Heroku clone” software that you can run on your own servers. "Self-hosted platform as a service" may seem like a contradiction, but it can make it easier to manage your applications in a uniform way. I focus on the smaller and simpler projects; no Kubernetes here.


Project name and link Type Technologies Management Notes
CapRover Multi-server, scaling TypeScript, Docker Web UI
Dokku Single-server Bash, Docker CLI on the server
Piku Single-server Python CLI client on the deployment machine Smaller than Dokku. Does not use Docker. Runs on low-end devices.


  • Wharf. A web UI for Dokku. Written in Python.

Tags: deployment, programming, sysadmin