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# Consciousness

## Links

* [Against neural chauvinism]( (PDF).  Tom Cuda.  1985.
* [You Can't Argue with a Zombie](  Jaron Lanier.  1995.
* [Consciousness and its Place in Nature](  David J. Chalmers.  2002.
* [The Combination Problem for Panpsychism]( (PDF).  David J. Chalmers.  2013.
* [If materialism is true, the United States is probably conscious](  Eric Schwitzgebel.  2014. 
* [Why I Am Not An Integrated Information Theorist (or, The Unconscious Expander)](  Scott Aaronson.  2014.

## See also

* “The Dime Spared” in [Fiction links](wiki:Fiction links).

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